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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is making me want to end my life

From: maria45067 - 2 years 45 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism on May of 2015. It took them a while before finding out what it was. I was having severe headaches, nauseous, high blood pressure and a lot of hair fall! They put me in levothyroxine of 50mcg. It worked for a while. Last year on July 2016 I started feeling weak, fatigue. I couldn't get up to go to work. I felt depressed. I kept ignoring it since I thought it was just me not wanting to be there. I ended up quitting on January 2017. I couldn't take it anymore I felt so miserable and tired. Fast forward to May 2017 I started having headaches.... daily. Sometimes it will be so severe I just curled up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. I started loosing sleep. Became like a vampire. I didn't leave bed because iof my headaches. So I went to the doctor thinking it was my thyroid or iron? Nope. They did blood working telling me it wasn't that and my thyroid was "normal". Okay I kept thinking it's just me. I go back again complaining, they tell me it's anxiety and stress. I kept telling them no! It's my thyroid! They kept insisting no. My thyroid was normal. I ended up going to the ER at the end of June hoping to get a MRI..... instead they send me back home with the pain and told me to take over the counter medications. That my thyroid wasn't and that it was just stress, food or allergies. Crying to them it wasn't and I kept insisting for an MRI. They still sent me home with 0 medication or answers. My anxiety, sleep, depression took a toll on me. I cried myself to sleep. I decided to go try another doctor.... I think it got even worst. He gave me medicine to control my anxiety. When I kept insisting about my headaches. They weren't going away and I was loosing sleep, appetite, depression etc. He insisted it was ALL ME! I got feed up I didn't even bother with him anymore or any doctors. I decided to look for a specialist.... I have no insurance just county insurance which is not the best. I kept calling different ones... they all ranged from $210- $1,000. Where on earth can I can get that kind of money in a snap??? I stopped working because of my symptoms getting worst. I even dropped 3 college classes because I couldn't make it. Now I am dealing with stomach pain, right after I eat. Mild constipation, nausea, dizziness, pressure is high. Which today I went to my doctor and they freaked out when they saw my pressure high. They put on the oxygen tank and also keep me monitored. Which the doctor insisted on me going to the ER right away and getting it checked out by a cardiologist. Which I actually got tested and was monitored and the test came back normal. Plus, like I told her. The times I go to the ER complaining on what I have they ignore me and send me home??? I'm tired and exhausted of feeling like crap. Oh to make matters worst. I got sexually assaulted by the tech in the cardiology department when he unhooked the monitor. Something else to stress about. I'm done with life. My fiancé knows and doctor knows I want to commit suicide and stop this pain that is not letting me be. I'm supposed to get married July 2018. And instead of going crazy for the wedding. I'm going crazy in my own world and body. I'm exhausted. I'm even exhausted of people telling me to "not" think about it... when actually I'm feeling the pain 24/7. Explain to me how that works??? I'm just done. 

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I am so sorry to hear all of this has happened to you.. Are you on any meds now for your thyroid? And if so are any of them working? I had to try a couple before I really felt like they started to work but I understand the feeling of being tired. Its all about hormones and we have to get the to level out with the right medication first and understand how they work. You can have a problem even if your levels are fine.

Katie Rogers