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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

I have been battling this for years but the past 2 have been horrific ! I'm in so much pain, and the fatigue and brain fog is the worst it has ever been. I can't accomplish anything , I've missed out on so many important events and pretty much living life in general. I was diagnosed with fibro /CFIDS, and hypothyroid . The new endocrinologist said they no,longer look at T3 -T4 levels , only tsh . My tsh has been under one for a few months now , but the symptoms are still hypo, and my T3, T4 have been low also, so my tsh in March "26", the dr said ." Well of course you feel like this ! You need more synthroid ! What pharmacy and I'll send it over . I said I understand I'm hypo, but my previous tsh have been consistantly low, without any change to,T3 or T4, then it jumps to 26 , so can you take my levels today? He said sure , but your hypo and that's what's wrong .i only look at tsh , the endocrine society have now changed recommendations for testing ." What the heck? My hands go numb while sleeping with painful pins and needles feeling. Now my left wrist is so painful and I have no strength in that hand at all. My GP thinks it is neuropathy, I've seen two endocrinologists, and gynocologist who thinks he specializes in thyroid but I have listened to 3 different opinions regarding thyroid testing and treatment ! They all 3 said they no longer recommend adding T3 into treatment . So,any advice on where to go from here? I've asked all 4 dr.'s "why would my tsh be low , shouldn't my T4 and T3 be off the chart in my lab work? Two agreed but had no solution for me? I'm beyond depressed at this moment trying to,feel better . Thank you for listening .

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Though i am not expert on subject, i would like to suggest why dont you try Yoga for curing Thyroid. One of my friend tried and got the positive result. all the best. TC

Is this good advice?

I feel for you- my GP has blamed all on mental illness, won't even say the word "thyroid," or any other hormone. Found an abnormal Thyroid blood test result in my medical records from April 2016 he never told me about. Complete crooks. Endo' won't see me without a referral from my GP. My CNS is very slow and now having kidney pain 24/7. I am also beyond depressed. Bless you.