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Memory loss and More

From: Leojames113 - 3 years 32 weeks ago

Hello all.
I want to preface this by saying I have not been correctly managing my Hypothyroidism for a long time. For some odd reason, I have never taken it seriously, and felt I could push through the physical and mental discomfort. I am officially over that and looking to become more informed and proactive. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2010 at the age of 31, I am now 38. The initial symptoms that led to the diagnose were extreme fatigue, feeling generally lousy all the time, and short term memory loss. I started on Synthroid and have been on the same dosage ever since. I have gotten my Thyroid checked a few times and it always reads about normal. That being said, all of the original symptoms went away, and come back sporadically, but not at the level in which they started. The one symptom that has never cleared up, and has now worsened is the short term memory loss and now brain fog, and overall cognitive impairment. I have done everything, but look to the thyroid as the culprit. I have had multiple MRI's, brain scan, stress test, I was put on Vyvanse, and at one point Wellbutrin. Before the diagnosis, I had completed 4 triathlons, a few half marathons, and was pretty active overall. Since 2010, I think I have exercised 20-30 times. I understand this may sound crazy, but in this time I have had children, sold a business, and got a second degree, so I guess I have kept busy to and ignores the real issue. I am at a point now, where I can hardly retain new information, and cannot hold focus for more than a few minutes. My memory is so bad I have to write down almost everything, even the simplest of things. I am looking for any type of suggestion; types of specialists, a diet I should be following, medicine, supplements. I am also curious to hear story of others, and hope fully hear similarities. I appreciate your time in advance.

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I struggle with this too... I've heard L~tyrosine helps, and am wanting to start that supplement... has anyone taken it?, or can confirm it does? What about zinc? I, too, want an answer. :-)