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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Help with Thyroid Results

From: NK19 - 1 year 43 weeks ago

I have symptoms of thyroid disease so I went to see my doctors. The blood tests I have had are the following:
Thyroid Per Antibodies 287
TSH 11.37
Free T4 12.6

I have been advised it is subclinical as my Free T4 is in range but they have started me on Levothyroxine as I have many symptoms but only on 25mg.

Would this be enough for me to feel the affects?

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1 Response

Is this good advice?

A year ago, I was also diagnosed with subclinical (caused by Hashimoto’s) and I’ve got 50, but, in addition, my Antibodies were higher than yours. As I have learned, in the beginning of the treatment, they started with a lower dosage, due to the body adjustment to the new substance.
What is also very important that everything depends on your symptoms you have. I believe you had been advised to make blood tests check-up in a couple of months.
While I’m writing this, I believe you have already noticed the positive change and the symptoms have been mitigated.
I’ve also learned that I need abound of patience when it comes to the hormone-imbalance.
I wish you all the best.

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