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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

For non-converting thyroid, synthroid is NOT the answer!

From: arugala - 2 years 18 weeks ago

I have hypothyroidism and my thyroid does not convert T4, why on earth would you prescribe a patient T4 if they cannot convert it? why shove more T4 (levothyroxine) at a patient when all they have is T4 in their system? I will never understand doctors who REFUSE patients the option of taking what Hillary Clinton takes for her awful hypo symptoms. I got rid of my simple minded doctor and found my own source of reputable NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) online, it has what our body needs T3, and it isn't some crap synthetic formula (levo) that is keeping some a lot of us sick. My life has been TRANSFORMED, from night to day, from crippling fatigue to wide awake in the morning, thank God for countries that still believe in the medicine we had used for decades with GREAT results before greed took over the pharmaceutical industry and flooded the country with this disgusting belief that we need only T4 to help with our thyroid symptoms. Wake up doctors, start prescribing what our body really needs, a natural medication that actually relieves symptoms not one that causes depression and fatigue. Anyone who does not understand the job of T3 in our system, please do your own research and find that T3 is the hormone in our body responsible for metabolism, for energy and for feeling alive, T4 (levo) does NOTHING on its own in the body except turn into T3, these are facts

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You are a God send! I am 42 and I have had thyroid issues for over25 years. I have taken Synthroid for the problem. I am up to 200 msg. It's not working. It seems like when I express my concern all they want to do is up the dose. Helllllo! It's not helping!
I have all of the problems that come with this disease and more. I have asked for armor, the doctor would not even hear me out. She said I was self diagnosing. I told her no, it was my body and I need something different. I never feel like the real me. It's like this disease hijacked my body. It has made my day to day functions, pretty much nonexistent. I can't even function to hold down a job. And it has brought on a bout of major depression.
What sight did you get your meds from?
I am willing to try just about anything at this point.
Please help!
Thanks, Gina

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