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TSH 200 and no symptoms, explain?

From: karolelliott - 6 years 46 weeks ago

Hi, I've been reading everything I can for three days now, but I still don't think I know what to say to doc., after a routine blood test, and a double check one; my doc. rang to say I have a TSH reading of 200 and I should come see him to get meds. Everything I have read seems to indicate I should practically be comatose with this reading, but I'm not! I'm a almost post menopausal 53 year old woman, I hold a full time job, two kids, husband, home to run. My job requires complete concentration. So I'm not fatigued, at least no more than anyone else of my age, I don't have trouble concentrating, my hair is not falling out etc., etc., the only thing I could say is I am overweight, but I have been for years. What else could be causing the high TSH, is anyone else in the same boat? I don't want to take meds unless I have to, and I certainly don't want to take them for the wrong thing. I have no other conditions I know of. Any thoughts folks. Thank you

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Hi there! All I can say is that I was at 188 and it was found through a routine test too. My doctor asked how I was getting up in the morning. Well, I was. And like you, I work full time. I have a young step daughter, I go to school part time, I volunteer, I have a multiple of pets and a husband that has trouble functioning without my assistance. How is it that someone is "borderline" and can't function and I functioned well? Technically - I can't stand the cold. Yes, I'm tired - but who wouldn't be with all that's on my plate? I'm overweight too - but I do snack a lot... Oh - and I can't get pregnant - I'm not ovulating correctly. That's how we found out.

With medicine - .112 mg - I got down to a good level of 2. But it's recently started creeping up - I'm increasing again to .1375 mgs and going to see a specialist.

So, you are not alone. There is a history in my family and I have no doubt that it's a valid diagnose. My guess as to why I didn't notice earlier is that I am the type of person to just push through and keep going. Maybe you are the same way?

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I was put on 200 levothyroxine by a cardiolologist for 15 months without tests. A new doc found my TSH was 38. In three months she brought levels to normal, with doses rising 100mcg, in Jan 2009. Results: TSH 1.43, T3 0.67 (range 0.45-1.37), T4 10.24 (4.5-12) I didn't know about FT3 and 4 then..Symptoms included fatigue. night sweats, nausea etc. TWO YEARS later a cardio who had put a stent in asked wonderingly 'who told you to take 100mcg Levo?
I had seen several docs in that time. They all assumed I needed it. My six-weekly tests were all normal. I then dropped to 75 for six weeks, then 5O, then 25. There was no noticeable difference in the six-weekly tests. Now, at last, an endo has said: 'drop Levo for two months and come back'. Conclusion? I suspect I've been taking Levo for two and a half years when I don't need it. Message: go to an endocrinologist who understands thyroid (not just menopause) at the START of your problems.

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I boobed! The first line should read AMIODARONE not levothyroxine. I have no quarrel with levo

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