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HELP - Hypothyroidism

From: Vicki - 2 years 14 weeks ago

Due to a brain tumour in the piturity gland I have been on thyroxine 100mg for over 10 years...fluxuating from 50mg to 150mg. I have servere hair loss, weight gain (and no amount of excercise will help me to lose weight) im always freezing cold even if its 40 degrees out!...i have cramps every my legs mainly, feet and more recently in my ribs. My mentrual cycle has gone from 7 days to 3/4...i have NO libido, im always tierd i have a nanna nap daily!! Lastly heart palpitations....yes i see my oncologist, endocrine, cardiologist, several GP's and noone cant or wont help me! I just want my hair to grow back...lose weight and stop these dam cramps!!! All i get is sent to dietitions and told to eat more salt to stop the cramps! Its all BS! And i really want to try this "armor" everyone is talking about on here but i cant find a doctor that will prescribe it to me!! I get blood tests all the time tsh,t3,t4,estrogen,progesterone,cortisol fbc,e/lft and heaps more...nothing changes!!!
These are a list of tablets/medication i currently take:-
•Thyroxine 100mg •iron
•inner health plus •biotin
•evening primrose oil • mariedent hair restore
•wild fish oil •zinc
•cavastat(cholesterol) •silica
•Vid d •caruso mg
•caruso thyroid manager

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