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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Don't trust small town GP diagnosis

From: Amanda92549 - 2 years 19 weeks ago

I live in a very small town, with one GP, an hour and a half away from any endocrinologist. Two months ago, when running a blood test for arthritis, my GP diagnosed me as having hypothyroidism (TSH: 5.15, T4: 7.2, Free T4: 1.1, T3: .94, Free T3: 2.5). He prescribed 25 mpg of Levothyroxine.

While I liked my new amount of energy, I felt anxious and very grumpy, with a few heart palpitations at first. I cut my caffeine way down to one cup a day and started meditation, hoping to offset both anxiety and grumpiness. No luck.

Two month later he ran my blood again, using a different company so the categories are a bit different. TSH: 1.2, Free T3 2.1, T3: 75, T3 Reverse: 22 and a thyroid panel: T3 uptake: 33, T4 total: 7.9, and Free T4 index (T7): 2.6.

I complained to the GP that the anxiety and grumpiness has not changed. My GP said to stop my thyroid med if I want.

This sounds wrong. Can I just stop? How long before is my thyroid dependent on the medication? Did I need the meds to begin with?

FYI: I am 63, many years postmenopausal. I am on antidepressants (Lexapro 20 and Wellbutrin 150, both prescribed by my GP). I have the normal amount of stress, certainly less in the last year since I stopped caretaking my father, who has now died.


Thank you for your time.

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