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5 year old with underactive thyroid unmedicated... advice??

From: gabes1mum - 9 years 26 weeks ago

I have been constantly complaining to my doctor for what feels like years and my doc finally agreed to do a blood test on my son and the results came back that his thyroid TSH I think it is , is 7.3 the T3 and T4 are in the normal range. She explained to me that his brain is trying to get it under control. I was somewhat confused by that hoping someone can explain it to me because I was concerned about his thyroid for years and now the blood test proves it is not in the normal range yet the doc does not want to do anything about it.
About my son, he has seemed overweight for years despite getting tonnes of exercise and eating a balanced healthy diet. Thyroid disease runs in my family and mine yo-yo's back and forth from low to high etc... Anyways his teacher has concerns he has difficulty learning and I noticed to years ago. He sweats profusely even when everyone else is cold and sometimes it seems like his skin is clammy? I just wonder do I need to get a second opinion? It was very traumatic for him to get the blood test done I certainly don't want to put him through that again unless I have to. Any advice is helpful. Even if it is just to tell me to relax and the doc is right not to medicate. Thanks in advance.

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GET A SECOND OPINION!!!! I am a mother to 2 children...both have hypothyroidism. Your thyroid and pituitary glad work together. If one is off it throw off your whole system. In young children this means your child's brain will not grow or function correctly. If your child has had this imbalance long enough without treatment it can lead to mental retardation. Every case is different, but in my children my son was born with hypothyroidism, yet because I listened to the doctors instead on my own head my son didn't get tested or treated until he was a year old. He now is paying the price. He is greatly behind his peers in size and he is having major problems in education. My daughter on the other hand was diagnosed and treated with the onset of systems and she is excelling in all areas of school. You are the mom, you know more about your child than the doctors will ever know. Do not let your child's health suffer because you want to keep peace with the doctor. If the levels are off there is a reason, and it must be treated for your child to grow and live the way your child is meant to.