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Normal TSH and Low Free T4

From: seand777 - 6 years 51 weeks ago


I am a 40 year old male who just found out my Free T4 was low with normal TSH values. I have been suffering from a Progressive Myelopathy of an unknown Etiology almost 2 years now and nobody knows why. SO, having these abnormalities of the Free T4 may be a big start and very well could point to a Metabolic Myelopathy.

On top of the Myelopathy, I have Polyuria (urinate 15-18 times a day without Diabetes or prostatitis and problems regulating Body Temperature. When I wake up, my body temp is 95.5 and varies throughout the day from 96.0 to 97.0 and I shiver and difficulty staying warm. Unintentional weight loss

What does a low Free T4 with a Normal TSH mean? a Pituitary issue? What are the different causes that make this happen?

Please advise ASAP-
Thank you Soooo much

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