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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Dr. appt soon, looking for advice

From: shocktrauma2010 - 8 years 12 weeks ago

This is my first post, please excuse my lack of intro!

I have almost every symptom of a thyroid disorder; 60lb weight gain in a few years, hair loss, no sex drive, beyond tired all day, tendon issues in my foot, eczema in a few spots, abnormal period, extremely cranky, sleep apnea, frequent sinus infections, and I'm sure i'm missing some.

Every female on both sides of my family has or had a thyroid disorder.

AFTER having 2 kids, my weight, without trying was down to normal. I've gained since easiely losing baby pounds.

I started seeing the Dr for this a couple months ago. She was pretty sure I had hypothyroisism. Blood test is normal, ultrasound showed a nodule on each side of the thyroid, and nuclear uptake was normal. I was diagnosed depressed, and my past diagnoses were left alone (of bad allergies causing the sinus infections, obstructive sleep apnea, etc.).

I started wellbutrin 3 weeks ago, and am going back to the Dr today to discontinue it. On wellbutrin I'm sleeping until 9:30am even though I'm going to bed at 9pm. I feel so bad that my kids have been entertaining themselves for hours in the morning before I get up. I'm beyond cranky and yelling at the kids for nothing.

Is it possible to have a thyroid disorder with normal blood and nuclear uptake???

Besides being tired and weepy (I think weepy because I'm tired, and worse when I getting my period) I don't think I'm depressed. I have no thoughts of harming myself, I'm not worthless, etc.

Advice? Should I see an endo with normal tests?


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All of my blood work came out normal, THS, etc. and I had a cancerous nodule on my thyroid. Had the entire thyroid removed 3 weeks ago and feel fine. I have to go for radioactive iodine therapy in a few months. I would go a diffent endro doctor. Have you had a biopsy done on your nodule?

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My wife was getting Wellbutrin to stop smoking and help with mood but it turned her into an evil person who argued with the whole world over any little thing. A Jeckel & Hyde thing. Stopped the Wellbutrin and was better in a few days but 4 years later after plenty of holistic and Rx trials, just good old HRT's worked like magic. She is loving the world again and losing weight. Slightly low dose of birth control did the trick after 4 years of misery for me. I have taken Wellbutrin and done fine. On her it was a bad mix,

Is this good advice?

First, what is "normal?" What were your test results exactly?

TSH? T3? T4?

Is this good advice?

I too was placed on Wellbutrin to quit smoking. Once it kicked in, I felt absolutely wonderful (energy levels high) for about a week, then I dropped like a rock and didn't function again. Tested for thyroid and glandular problems again and again. Short of the nodules on the thyroid, my tests were the same as any other normal person for over 7 yrs! Weight gain by the 20lbs at a time in random spurts and never getting it back off! I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis..simple blood test that almost no doctor seems to think about...ask to be tested for "thyroid antibodies". Hashimoto's has a tendency to cause depression, weight gain, etc etc.... it also has a tendency to cause vitamin level drops. I am now Vitamin D deficient, another cause of fatigue...another simple blood test. Hope this helps.

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