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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism and CPA candidacy

From: incents - 10 years 42 weeks ago

Is there anyone who developed hypothyroidism during the candidacy? I tried taking the exam before but I was only able to achieve the 3 of the 4 parts and ran out of time. I had to stop as I lost my memory as I was unable to retain any info. I use to have a photographic memory. I also ended up with extreme brain cramps (neurologist thinks I need to sleep for this).

Now I'm considering it again and I'm also being treated by an excellent specialist. I've lost a little of 10 pounds in 5 months without any dieting - no change in my lifestyle, and I can now recall data. I still get minor brain cramps if I focus very hard but not like before.

I'm extremely afraid that I'll end up with nothing at all AGAIN as well as lose my memory not to mention that the time and energy I have to expend.

Thoughts anyone!!

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