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Posted in: Hypothyroidism, and Weight Loss.

High TSH??? Ugg Exhausted!

From: flacowgirl - 10 years 41 weeks ago

Hi everyone. I'm 49 years old and for the past year I have been struggling to stay awake everywhere, even when on my motorcycle. I am normally very active and have also been on a diet for about 4 months with minimal weight loss. I have put on 24lbs since I was hospitalized for pneumonia in January where I was on a high dose of steroids for 2 months. I have to struggle to do and enjoy anything due to the fatique. I asked my pain management Dr. to test my thyroid and recieved a call from them that it is 14 and I need to see my family Dr. about this. Is this a high reading and do you think I will get my zest back once I receive treatment? What about the weight I have put on even though I eat really healthy? Any help would be appreiciated.

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Hello! I am 26, wife and mom of three. The huge change came the past two yrs when being around the I just gained 50-60 lbs total and recently, in two weeks 9 lbs despite exercising and watching my diet. I am not obese and although to the average person i do not look like I have a weight problem, the sudden change is terrible! I am actually on a migraine prevention medication that makes me lose my appetite, I dislike carbonated drinks and the average person loses weight on that med-not me.I actually still gained. I ended up testing my thyroid. I too have been tired regardless if I sleep 4 or 12 hours, I feel sluggish, lazy, I am moody, my hair falls out and many other things. Recently, I noticed my neck has a bump. compared to my husband who has the "adams apple", well below where it wouldve been if I were a man, I have a lump like a more bulge feel than he does!! Today, I was told I have hypothyroidism. I immediately thought level is low. I guess the hormone itself is low but I am assuming the test done was high as my doc said it was (but the hormone itself is what will obviously be low) and I am not producing the hormone enough. Doc said the energy is one of the things I will soon see changing. Things like how my hair was affected brittle hair and skin changes will take months down the road, but I should start seeing my energy level come up. Your weight should come off easily. Obviously it wont just disappear, but with more energy, more activity and you will burn off the calories your body wasnt burning before. I start my treatment tomorrow. My parents both suffer from hypothyroidism and my dad is getting his taken out because he took too long to get it dealt with and he also had mass.tumors around his. Get on treatment, get active again, feel better and watch that extra weight melt off..just remember to follow up as expected because you might need adjustments here and there. I know they prescribed synthroid and I have to take in the morning on an empty stomach..taking it at night they say and even my mom told me=gives nightmares plus less likely to have an empty tummy..good luck! keep us posted!