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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism questions

From: pbj - 10 years 45 weeks ago

Hi everyone,
I am a 19 year old college student and just recently found out I have hypothyroidism. I have been very active and athletic my whole life. The last 1-2 years weird things were happening. Horrible insomnia, hair started to thin out/shed and calf-ankle cramps when exersizing,35 lb weight gain in 3 months, extreme fatigue, sleeping 10+ hours a day and foggy brain.

Here are my labs:
TSH 1.53 (0.34-4.82)
Ft3 302 (230-420)
Ft4 0.59 (0.77-1.61)
Glucose 101 (70-101)

So my question is, Where do my levels need to be so I am feeling good again and all these symptoms stop and my thyroid is normal?
I am just VERY OVERWHELMED right now with all of this.
Thank you.

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I know how frustrated you feel. Have you seen an endocrinologist as they know how to manipulate the numbers? Google them first to see the patient reviews as some are pompous arrogant fools. See if you can find one who has the disease as it's a tremendous advantage.

I've gained a total of 26 lbs since being diagnosed back in 2005 (although I bought an elliptical trainer), but I was been able to diet using in carb and calorie counting prior to 2008. Lately I've started seeing an endo and I'm able to lose weight. I'm finally seeing the benefits of the elliptical.

Remember - anything you eat turns to fat so try to have tons of vegetables (salads for lunch and dinner) and some fruits. I also take tons of supplements 3-6-9 fish oil (w/ breakfast), Vit D3, MCT oil (I use coconut as someone on a blog recommended it) for the hair loss which minimizes the hair loss and scalp issues (and I have a sheen now). Also take elemental iron tablets (lunch time w/ a meal) and multivitamins for the fatigue.

Learn how to cook so you can make reduced / no fat meals (brownies, cakes, pizza, etc.) The scale will thank you.