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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Removal of Thyroid Nodule

From: Anupam Dey - 4 years 10 weeks ago

I have recently been diagnosed with enlarged well circumscribed heteroechoic thyroid nodule measuring 2.3 cms x 3.8 cms x 3.9 cms, which is as per the USG of neck. Whereas the FNAC report impression is, II. Benign (Consistent with Colloid nodule). Also the report further gives the impression that the nodule is hyperplastic.

FT4 / TSH / ANTI-TPO (SERUM) was done and the results were all within the reference range, that is, 1.05 / 1.17 and 1.20 With these results, again I went to the doctor for the follow-ups where the doctor's immediate conclusion is to remove the right enlarged gland.

Now, my point is, if it is really necessary to remove surgically on emergency basis. If not then how long can I wait to remove. As such, as of now I do not experience any discomfort except for the feeling at times as something is strucked in the throat.

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