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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

How long does it take for Hypothyroid symptoms to show up...?

From: ellenbarlow - 2 years 22 weeks ago

Due to miscommunication, my 92-year old mother's caregiver gave her no Synthroid (137mgs) for 5 days before we discovered she'd misunderstood me. Now she's back on her dose for the last 2 days.

When would we expect to see the hypo symptoms? This is so too bad, as we have a family reunion starting tomorrow evening, and she's is our one and only elder. Much anticipation. She has dementia, ok, and she was already often sleepy even with a TSH of below 1, but we've never had a break in her Synthroid before and I want to be able to manage the expectation for family members when they see her.

(Background: Her GP had raised her dose from 112mgs to 137mgs because her TSH was high, but then it measured low and I thought she was probably on too much but he wanted to measure it again after four more weeks. So while I was saying "stay the course" til we get it measured this coming week", the caregiver thought I said discontinue until we get it measured. :()

I'll really appreciate a response.

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