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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Having a tough time

From: karenmfrustrated - 2 years 24 weeks ago

I was recently diagnosed with hyp. My tsh was 5.23 then the next week it dropped to 3.23. I have all the symptoms of hypo the worst being exhausted all the time. I am worried since I miss so much time at work. But I cannot function when so exhausted. My endo has started me on synthroid. I have been taking it almost 1 week now. I see some changes in my energy level but still don't feel normal. I also have nodules on my thyroid but not large enough to be worried. Another test the endo did was Thyroglobulin Ab 1.4 IU/mL 0.0-4.0 IU/mL
INTERPRETIVE INFORMATION: Thyroglobulin Antibody Can someone explain this? Is this the test for hashimotto?

I guess I am just looking for advice on how to deal with the extreme fatigue. How do you function when feeling so terrible?

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HI, I'm sorry and I wish I could help you with the technical information but I can't. As far as the fatigue and exhaustion, that really hits close to home and was the story of my life for a long time, and I'm beginning to recover the fitness I had years ago. I have hypothyroidism and I had my tonsils removed an adults in my mid twenties. As a result I was in incredible pain (really wish I had this done as a kid when my mom told me to!) and could stand very very little food. and no activity for well over a month. My thyroid hormones were low, I lost a ton of weight (from tonsilectomy not thyroid) and it was terrible. I couldnt walk down my steps without feeling like i would pass out. couldnt do dishes, work, school, became almost entirely dependent on my boyfriend. It was super hard and I started feeling the pull into depression. this is what I did: I got a fitness and exercise/ditet app on my phone and set tiny fitness goals. I started with going down and up my stairs once a day, eventually short walks, and now I take two medium walks a day every day and can participate in everyonce in a while activities like swimming or canoeing etc. For me I needed to make sure that I not only forced myself to eat (which may not be an issue for you) but keeping track of what and how much you eat RIGHT when you put it in your mouth!! My doctor was able to recommend foods and recipes that would help me maintain energy. I know how hard it is, but forcing yourself to meet small goals every day may help increase your energy along with proper engery-inducing meals. Good Luck!

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