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Low TSH AND low T3/T4 plus RA - anyone else experience this?

From: Emersome - 4 years 51 weeks ago

Hi, new to the site, hoping to find others with similar experience +/or feedback/suggestions. Suspect my thyroid problems began after pregnancy, as well as triggering rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Docs couldn't figure out the RA for quite sometime as I'm sero-negative...sometimes my bloodwork comes back positive (for RA), sometimes not. But that combined with clinical exam and family history gave them positive RA diagnosis (internist and rheumatologist) 2 yrs ago. Family doc started me on synthroid 5 yrs ago (0.075) as my T3/T4 low; seemed to help a bit tho she was perplexed about the low TSH (and has always been low since, never fluctuated). MRI was done and thankfully no tumor! No one since can give me any explanation about the low TSH, they just diagnose the synthroid based on my T3/T4 levels. Internist bumped my synthroid to 0.1 about a year ago. My TSH levels are now even lower, so much so that pharmacist (can see bloodwork results I guess, which I never knew they had access to before) commented on it. But my T3/T4 are normal. About a yr ago, my throat started feeling like it was swelling. Symptom is off/on now but when on quite bad...take a drink of water and if not careful choke on it. Had scope done and all normal. Wondering now if it's my thyroid growing or something? Have told all my docs (4) about the throat thing and only explanation is muscle spasms from heartburn (thanks to yrs of NSAIDs for RA pain). Not on any Rx meds for RA right now, trying desperately to handle the pain instead of taking very toxic pills they want me to (tried some, bad reactions). Trying to be better with food/nutrition but very hard to do with young children, work, etc. Sorry this is quite long...just lost and not sure what to do next. Wondering if the RA caused the thyroid problem or vice versa, that thyroid problem causing RA symptoms. Wondering if the increase in synthroid causing throat tightness (and lately breaking out in occasional hives/acne/all-over-body itchiness as well as change in menstruation, wth!). Or maybe something with my pituitary gland? Perhaps increase iodine? Too many questions, not enough answers. Thanks for reading.

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