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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Planning a pregnancy with tsh level 6.32

From: Sunshinewonder - 2 years 32 weeks ago

I discovered that i have subclinical hypothyroidism 6 months ago when i have my normal blood test done, result came out that my tsh level is 6.5 but free t4 within the normal range, my doctor told me not to worry or think too much about it cuz its just very mild and i have no symptoms at all, i didnt listen to the doc and did my own research and found out maybe i had iodine deficiency so i begin having more seafood and iodine rich foods in my diet. I just took a test recently and found out that my tsh level drop a little to 6.32 and my free t3 and free t4 level remain constant in the range, so my problem is im planning to get pregnant soon and i worry that this might affect my pregnancy , on the other hand, my doc told me that i have nothing to worry about and he refuse to diagnose me, what should i do? Should i look for endocrinologist? Or should i just listen to my doctor , that i dont have to worry bout anything? Will this affect my pregnancy if my tsh level at 6.32 but my free t3 t4 within normal range? I really do hope someone can help me out. I really stress alot about it since i have known the result.

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