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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Thyroid and T3 levels

From: Graneet - 2 years 40 weeks ago

Okay i have been on synthroid for probably 40 years now. It has been increased to .2 or 200. This month out of no where it has dropped. Now i never feel great while taking it but i can tell when i do not take it. Once it got so low like 70 the doctor was worried. I had just moved to a new town and did not have a doctor. He said that was a great big no no. I could go into a coma at 100. Now when the doc put me at 200 they say its to much. But when they drop it down to 150 its to low. So they tried 175 and it was to low. So they put me back to 200 and they called this week after blood work and its real low again. Years ago this same doctor who was concerned said i was not getting enough t3. Nothing was ever done about it. My daughter has this year been diagnosed with low thyroid to and the syntroid didnt seem to help. So she went on Armor and she says it has helped the hair loss which i have. It also helped with the emotional issues. Which i do not seem to notice after all these years. I am wondering if i should try Ammor (spelling sorry). I go to the docs today just curious.
I had a lyme doc take me off of syntroid for a month and put me on nothing but t3 it about killed me. Went to the hospital and could hardly hold my head up.

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