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blood results am worried

From: crinkle - 2 years 48 weeks ago

Hi I'm based in ireland as I think it makes a difference to the results?
My doctor checked my thyroid upon my request when they were taking bloods as it does be on and off sometimes. I'm currently not taking any meds for it. But they have prescribed 100 electroxin. She also wants me to get a scan of my thyroid which I have never needed to get before so am quite concerned over the reason for it. Do you bloods look concerning that they need to do a scan. Are they looking for something serious like thyroid cancer. Can someone please help regarding these bloods please.

TSH 14.79mU/L
Free T4 9.5pmol/L
Mildly anemia
ESR 20mm/hr

I don know if that ESR is for infection or imflamation as the bloods were to check for imflamation as it was noted on an xray as I'm having sciatica like symptoms so don't know if these are connected.

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