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All of my mother's sisters have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, as well as many of my cousins on my mother's side. I have various symptoms of hypothyroidism such as heart palpitations, anxiety, depression, weight gain, hard time keeping weight off, constant craving of "comfort" foods, excessive sweating, crazy and almost bipolar mood swings, and am losing chunks of my hair. It wasn't until last year that I pushed my primary care physician to please test me for hypothyroidism. I was sent to do the routine blood work and my levels were apparently "normal". The nurse I work with claims that a lot of doctors blame these types of symptoms on anxiety/depression and that sometimes the levels of the blood work can come back normal, even though they really aren't. She suggested that I get a referral to endocrinology, but there is a 6 month wait for any new patients. Has anybody else experienced this frustration? I really do not want to go on anxiety/depression medication.

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