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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

new here and feeling frustrated.

From: brooketx27 - 3 years 5 weeks ago

Ok, so a little background on me. I was on long term prednisone use as a child due to asthma. I gained 90lbs in 2 years, had the moon face, etc. I have never lost the weight at Im 35. I ended up weighing 150 in 5th grade due to this, and my weight has never been that again. When I was 19, I started growing hair on my chest and lower abd, and also gained 50 around that time. The hair has never gone away. I remember bringing it up once to a doctor and they said nothing. I felt stupid and unfortunate. So Ive always had signs of hypothyroidism or some kind of hormonal issue. Everytime I go to the doctor they test my thyroid, because they think its the problem, but my labs usually back pretty normal. I did have a doctor once run a full panel on me and my RT3 came back really high. He chalked it up to stress and left it at that. Ive never had energy. I envy people so much that wake up happy, and full of energy. Ive had anxiety and panic as long as I can remember, dry skin, always so cold as well. I use to have thick hair and eyebrows. In my mid 20's my hair starting falling out along with the ends of my eyebrows. Either one has ever grown back. I finally set up an appt with a specialist but Im just so afraid they are going to close the door on me and tell me nothing is wrong. I know something is wrong and Ive known for years. Anyone have any similiar stories? Any insite? And I know PCOS is an option but Ive been told no since I have no fertility issues.

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I have many tell tale signs of hypothyroidism, but my levels also came back "normal". The nurse I work with claims that a lot of people really do have hypothyroidism even though their levels keep coming back as normal. She says that the best thing to do is get a referral to endocrinology, but so many people have endocrine disorders that there is a hefty wait list to be seen. I feel your frustration completely and have my primary care physician blames every single one of my symptoms on anxiety/depression/stress. Sorry, I do not have any great advice other than to let you know that you are not alone in this battle with hypothyroidism/endocrine disorder.

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