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Possible storm?

From: EG1992 - 3 years 9 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and hypothyroidism. I have been taking levothroxine and metformin ever since.

So about 5 days ago, I started feeling light headed, dizzy, sick and I had a really dull headache. I was sweating so much I had to change my pants 3x. They were wet with sweat.

The next day I wasn't so light headed, but I was full of anxiety and having heart palpitations, and I just felt out of sorts with the headache still. My knees were hurting me a bit.

Then the next day I was so anxious and nauseated, everything hurt, all my muscles and even my bones hurt. My feet were going numb, and it hurt to walk and my brain was sluggish. I dropped my son after changing his diaper.

The next day was the worst, my muscles and bones and joints hurt so bad I couldn't go up and down my stairs. I felt sick and I sat down and refused to move. I took a lot of ibuprofen and drank rum. It helped for a while but that night (last night) it came back with a burning vengeance.

This morning, while im still a bit sore I am feeling much better but I have a burning liquid diarrhea and im really thirsty.

Went off meds when I dramatically lost a lot of weight after pregnancy. The doctor said that my pregnancy could have resolved my thyroid.

I started gaining weight rapidly, and craving sugar and started taking the meds again a couple of weeks before this happened.

I have had numb hands and feet on and off for a couple of years. I take 25 mcg levothroxine.

Im covered head to toe in unexplained bruises. The ones on my elbows are the worst, the skin is all dry and cracked open on top of the bruise and its been like that since I started gaining weight again.

Most of the bruises are on my legs and joints, especially ankles. Although I'm not sure if the ankles are just discoloration or what. It's like the skin on my feet and ankles are so tight to my bone that blood can't get through and my veins occasionally bulge.

I talked to someone who has hashimotos and she suggested that I might have it too. Although I don't feel anything in my neck and I don't feel unusually exausted, but I remember that I did 2 months ago when my son turned 4 months and I started gaining weight.

After some reading I find it fits, that and the adrenal exhaustion. I made an appointment with an Endocrinologist, but I can't get in till December... I was hoping that maybe someone who has had a similar experience and been treated for it could tell me their result?

Side note: I have a small tumor on my pineal gland that we think is benign. No idea if they could be related but after feeling fantastic after my pregnancy, I am ready to get there again, I'm so tired of this. I have had all of these symptoms before but never in quick succession like this.

I haven't felt it since last Christmas, but I used to feel like there was a bubble in my throat occasionally and it was uncomfortable.

Please and thanks

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