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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

i had sudden onset thyroid storm summer 05, graves disease diagnosed 11/05. had thyroid removed total, 3/2006. Since then i have been through 5, i repeat 5 "endo specialists" and am still waiting for my TSH, T3 levels to "level off". My TSH at the beginning was 0.01 and it waivers between very low adn very hi within the same medication dosage. My T3 has been consistently very low, below the NORM throughout. i had to threaten the 4th dr. to put my on a T3 suppliment. but i cannot take too much because of the damage done to my heart (afib) from the graves disease. my bloodwork is fine except my hormone levels. All i get from the drs. is go to a gym or a nutrionalist. my other half (who has put up with me all this time) and I have done more for my health than the drs. I have started on a low glycemic diet (6 mtns now) with NO results. I have a bowling ball for a stomach that is so bloated that i cannot breath. i have copd, sob, afib, constipation, hair loss, brittle nails, was vitamin D deficient.
i am tired of being tired and mentally fuzzy. is there any one out there who can give me some clues as to how to make these doctors understand that i hate my life adn am ready to give up!!!!!

i live in volusia co., florida and there are no more endo. dr.s left.

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