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Thyroid test results help

From: ThirteenUA - 8 years 19 weeks ago

I've felt horrible for about 6 months now. I had my thyroid tested at the request of my first doctor, and the result was: TSH 2.76. He told me it was fine, and told me to "relax".

About 2 months later, I went and had it rechecked at the request of a new doctor, and this time, my TSH was 4.3. He got a little concerned, even though my T4 was normal. So he ordered a retest the next week. This time, my TSH was 2.6, my free t4 23.3 (range: 11.0 - 23.0), and my free t3 was 4.6 (range: 3.5 - 6.5).

I still feel awful, and 6 months have passed. I now have another new doctor, and he wanted my testosterone and thyroid checked. The results this time look a lot better, but I still feel awful. My TSH was 1.55, and free t3 and free t4 were within normal ranges.

When I had the last test taken, I was pretty stressed out. I have no idea if that would affect the results though.

I feel horrible. My symptoms have varied quite a bit, but the things that stick around are dry mouth, muscle twitches all over my body, and horrible brain fog/lack of concentration. I stayed tired all the time. If I do anything for more than around 15 minutes, I get so exhausted that it even takes too much energy to speak. It's really making my daily life very difficult.

So I've come to you guys for advice. What do you think about my levels?

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I hope you are feeling better now. Please look at this site, you will find lots of information. Don't forget your diet of iodized salt and h20 are vital in the management of thyroid problems. Also taking your meds 1-2 hours before eating.

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