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thyroid medication

From: steven1979 - 3 years 11 weeks ago

I have been off my thyroid medication for some time now. It's because i am out of work struggling just to make ends meet, I live in Massachusetts and i have Mass Health and Neighborhood health so if i cannot afford my medication i will miss doses and then i wont get them refilled. Because i hate going to my pharmacy and saying to them i cannot afford my medications which also include depression,migraine,allergy,vitamin D-3, and a list of more medicine each month so i don't know what to do i have no family help or support!!! I spent the night in the ER because i was so cold i was freezing with three long sleeve shirts and a sweatshirt,shaking,migraine,and they told me i have strep throat on top of that. They gave me some thyroid medicine and started a antibiotic and sent me out this morning with two prescriptions and said Walmart will fill them for $4 that i don't even have so now what is the since of all of that? i have two daughter's one is turning 15 but i don't see because she and her mother live way up in NH and my youngest daughter is 6 and right now her mother and i are having problems so we are taking some time apart and i don't want to worry them because they are having hard times as well and if i get money i make sure they have what they need.So does anyone having any ideas for me on what i can do because i really hate asking people anything like this?? I feel like just giving up altogether ????

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