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im so worried plz help!

From: lesley - 11 years 10 weeks ago

i found out in june that i have an under active thyroid,R arthritis, and high blood pressure.i was sent for a ultra sound of my thyroid and they found small nodules so ive been refered to an medication i was given for my thyroid was good for the first couple of weeks but now all my symptoms have come back worse!im exhausted all the time,my hair is falling out,im moody,depressed, and i feel the cold.I have a constant headache, blurry vision and my appetite is poor!i also have neck pain and the area around my left gland is quite sore and aches if i touch or press it? im at my wits end and im not sure what to do? has anyone else out there felt or going through the same as me??? to top all this off i dont see the specialist till september, im convincing myself its cancer .im so scared.x.

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High there. I am not a Doctor so can't diagnose you, but can say I am hypothyroid and still have all the symptoms despite being on thyroxin for 15 years. I am despressed, moody with weight problems etc. It is supposed to help and I know people who claim they feel a burst of energy after taking it. Give it time to work and try not to worry.. Hope this helps.

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I would call your endocrine doctor and tell them what sympoms you are having and see if they can get you an earlier appointment. and if they can't get you in earlier keep the appointment you have but also have them put you on the cancel call list. you might get in sooner this way if someone cancels their appointment. one thing i suggest though is when you see the doctor remember to tell them eveything. every symptom you are having even if you think it does not relate to your problem tell them anyway. all information is very benefical. but for the worry i can tell you not to but it's easier said then done. i was just diagnosed with 2 types of thyroid cancer the 2 most common types i don't know what will happen but i don't worry because i give all my cares over to god and let him carry the burden. and find something you like to do to occupy you mind. i hope this helps.