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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.


From: JH62 - 8 years 20 weeks ago

OK... I have been to an endocrinologist, lab results are normal, I have an enlarged thyroid and thyroid nodules (each side) 3 cm. I have followed up for 2 years now, and even thou my symptoms are the same, because of the lab results showing normal, I am told to follow up with my family doctor. I feel that the "specialist" are not listening to me, but only going by the lab results. I dont know how to get them to listen to what I am saying. I have researched information, and on one article I have 10 out of 14 symptoms. I just recently had an Cat Scan, which showed the nodules and a sinus infection. I was directed to the family doctor who wants to refer me to a ENT doctor (Again). I was given another shot of steroids, and a round of antibiotics to clear up the sinus infection. It has been a week, and I have not cleared up at all. (AGAIN). My throat stays sore. I feel so frustrated, and don't know where to turn. PLEASE give me some advice.

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I live in Birmingham, England and I don't want to worry you, but it took me 8 years to get a Doctor to agree I had a problem. I only saw an endocrinologist recently who told me he didn't have a magic wand. Just keep at it. Hope it gets sorted soon.

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that is what is so scary about all of this. why aren't dr's caring or doing anything to help people? It seems so many people that have something wrong in the endocrine system...that goes undiagnosed.

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Hi there, I am afraid I cannot help you that much. I am doing tests for my thyroid as I have lots of symptoms and a family history of hypothyroidism. So far, I have high thyroid antibodies and normal TSH (though higher than usual) and normal T4. I have asked for T3 but here (in the UK) they do not do all the tests unless you beg! Anyway, your case interests me as I have regular "sore throats" with sinus/ear problems. Besides the sore throat (which can take up to 8 weeks to clear up), located only on the righ-hand side of my throat, I suffer from vertigo. The "sore throat" appears two or three times a year so I have that for 6 months of the year. Antibiotics have not helped (was prescribed once). Do you know more about that sinus problem of yours/sore throat?Has anyone reading this got a similar problem?Could it be related to the thyroid?I will post again if I get any results regarding this in the future.

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