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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism Symptoms All there!

From: JH62 - 8 years 25 weeks ago

For years I have had the symptoms of Hyprothyroidism , but my lab results are within "normal" limits. I find this very hard to believe! I know how I feel. I went to an Endorinologist, and she discovered Thyroid nodules on both sides of 3" cm. My thyroid is enlarged, but the biopsy came back negative for cancer, and she said to follow up with my family physician. One year has gone by, my symptoms seem worse in addition to having a sore throat for 2 months, feeling aching in my joints, weight gain, fatigue, depression, and muscle weakness. I went to the family physician first, and was treated for 2 months with antibiotics (for sinus infection) and a steroid shot, but nothing improved even while on the medicine. I can see the thyroid now, so off to the specialist for a follow up. She called this morning to say that the ultrasound was comparable to last years (no change in size) and the lab results were within normal limits. She said to follow up with my family physician to why my throat was sore. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!! I know how I feel, and I am not wanting something to be wrong, but.... I feel it! Whatever "normal limits" are somehow are not normal for me. She did mention going to a surgeon to remove the nodules / thyroid. I am so mixed up now about what I should do. I want to feel normal, feel better. Why can't a specialist take the time to listen to the patient and not go from the lab results only. In my heart, I know my body, and I have 9 out of 14 symptoms. While waiting for my appointment, I found information and was surprised of how everything matched to how I have explained I was feeling. I am back to the starting point, no explanation, no treatment, just being passed along to someone else. Where do I go from here??????? I need advise!

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Request another FNA if it has been a year since your first biopsy. My first FNA was inconclusive. Another Dr. did another FNA from a different angle and was able to get a good cell sample. My tumor was hard which is why the 1st Dr. didn't get a good sample. The 2nd Dr. battled and pushed hard through to the center of the tumor to get his sample. My original thyroid levels were in the normal range! My thyroid was still working while a cancerous tumor was growing in it. It was a fluke that the ultrasound technician spotted the tumor which is why the 2nd FNA was ordered.

Is this good advice?

I feel like I was blown off by the doctor because the labresults were "normal", so I have made another appointment with a different Endocrinologist. I will take my results from one year ago, and the current appointment for comparasion. I think that the doctors are so busy that they rely on the lab results instead of listening to their patients. Thanks for your input!

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