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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

I need help......

From: GazelleReborn - 3 years 18 weeks ago

Okay this is my entire story.......when i was born I was born with congenital Hypothyroidism when i was TWO weeks old my mom had to take me back to the hospital where i was born to start medicine which was Synthroid and I stayed on synthroid up until i was between 11-13 about that time the generic brands that also made medicine for patients sued Synthroid because they made an a really good medicine and the generics couldn't do as good and Synthroid had a monopoly on it so they sued. I was taken off Synthoid in part because of the court case and because it got to be expensive and my parents insurance couldn't afford it so i went to Generic when i did I started losing hair drastically i now have a big patch of hair that is barely there due to this...I am on levothyroxine and have tried to correct this by taking Biotin it does not seem to do anything. I am now 34 years old. I quite frankly don't know what to do and don't really understand Nurse/Doctor lingo it is like speaking to a lawyer and hoping you understand what you just got suckered out of. I was really hoping to possibly switch to Armour Thyroid or Something that would start helping me to take care of the problem I have been trying to lose weight also I drink lots of water on a regular basis and every now and then have Soda/pop(however you say it its the same thing) I am having problems losing weight it doesn't seem like i go up down or anywhere just stay in the exact same spot as i was and I don't know if its because i am looking at myself or what. i need information to tell to my nurse practitioner i don't want to go to a Endocrynologist i am not rich i have a very low income i can't afford the doctors and tests and stuff. So if there is anyway some people could read this and possibly help me i also need to know if there is anyone who has similar arrangement or something to that effect and can help me and was wondering if there are any diets that are not overly expensive that i could try i need variety in my diet or else i can't stick to it. I also can't look at a scale or i all together quit trying to lose weight i have to psych my brain out in order to keep myself keep trying i have no idea why i do this but i want something i can keep doing for like the rest of my life. I eat vegetables and fruits so i don't know if ANYONE can offer me some help i would greatly appreciate it thank you for taking the time to read this.

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