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Posted in: Hypothyroidism, and Thyroiditis.

Newly diagnosed w/hypothyroidism and seeking advise

From: stacy8384 - 3 years 35 weeks ago

I went for a physical with a new doctor at the end of June. During the exam I asked them to test my thyroid, I have a family history of thyroid disorders and have had trouble losing weight for the past few years. My DR confirmed after the THS test that I do have hypothyroidism. One of the first questions I asked was should I see an endocrinologist; he said no. When I stated that I knew my family members with issues go to an endo he replied 'their DR must be dumb.' He put me on the generic of Synthroid (50mcg.) He stated I should come back for a check up in 8 weeks and that was that. I called back in to the office the next day because he never actually told me my THS levels, they are at 15.6. Now I'm not sure what to do, I feel like I should go to a specialist but he didn't recommend one. He also did not even exam/feel my throat even though I complained that I often have a feeling of being choked (another reason I wanted tested for my thyroid.) I feel stuck and now that I know I'm not crazy and something is really wrong I want to do all I can to address the issues. I've been living with so many of the classic hypo symptoms for so long, I am mad enough at myself for not seeking answers sooner, I want to make sure I do things right from here on out. So, should I continue with this doctor and see where my levels are at in 8 weeks, try a new doctor, or seek out an endo? Thank you for your help and advise!

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