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Escalating cost of Armour Thyroid.

From: peggyoreilly - 3 years 21 weeks ago

Seven months ago, I paid 38 dollars at CVS in New York City for 100 tablets of Armour Thyroid. Yesterday, I paid 65 dollars for the same thing, also at CVS. This is an old drug. Can someone tell me what's going on? Thank you. Peggy O'Reilly.

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Yes!! The manufacturer used to be Forrest Pharmaceuticals. Actavis (NYSE:ACT) completed the acquisition of Forest Laboratories in 2014, and Actavis is now owned by Allergan. This is the BIG PHARMA result! If it is a problem, write to Activis to enroll in the Patient Assistance Program. All the Big Pharma companies offer assistance to patients on their drugs. should do it.


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Please let me know which CVS you used because I just paid $40 for 30 pills !

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I used the CVS at 82nd St. and First Ave. NYC. March 3, 2016, they tried to charge me 125 dollars. I went ballistic and they dropped the price to 70 dollars. Where is your CVS pharmacy? Peggy O'Reilly.

Peggy O'Reilly

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