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High TSH and HIGH T3???????

From: vkeeny222 - 11 years 18 weeks ago

Hello Everyone! I am praying someone here can give me some answers as I am VERY frustrated with the medical community in this town I live in. Let me try and make this short. I have Hashimotos and I am taking levothyroxin to control my hypothyroid...I have my tsh checked every six months..I had my last test on Aptil 4th and as I "KNEW" by my symptoms my TSH was I thought Okay well we can just up my dosage and I will feel better. But my Primary Dr says...She is concerned because my T3 is high as well and , of course, that is contradicting...I UNDERSTAND that. What I am having trouble with is NO ONE SEEMS to be able to tell me what to do??? My PCP sends me to a specialist who says????? IDK!!!! She checked to see if I have prolactin but I do not! Several years back I had an MRI and they saw a SMALL ...what they think was a rathe cleft cyst on my pituitary.........Nothing further was ever mentioned..I asked this new Dr if that could cause High T3 with high TSH and she said........No...because I don't have prolactin in my blood...Long story short..No one seems to have a clue as to why they are both high and in the meantime i am SICK!!! I have ALL the hypo symptoms,.,,,,but I also will have bouts of HYPER syptoms...any advice??? Anyone ever have this and if so what and why??? thank you in advance! :)

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