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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism , help!?

From: emilysaysrelax - 11 years 25 weeks ago

Hi, I'm 16 and was eventually after a year of struggle diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
The doctors labeld me as lazy and unorganised, "teenageitus" they called it. I was unable to compleate my GCSES because when I was diagonosed , I had to be admited straight into hospital, and not aloud to go back to school.

After a year on 100mg Levothyroxine, I've just found out that my thyroid levels haven't improved much, and I've been told by a specialist exactly the same as i was 6 months ago, to wait 6 months and come back.

This is really frustrating because my life is being put on hold, I've learnt to deal with the emotional side of it, but whats really getting to me is the weight side of it.

At 16 people asume its superficial, but at 11 stone I'm not hugely overweight.I'm however still un happy because i'm unfit and can no longer look my best. The doctors arn't being very helpfull because i'm not morbidly obese, But I don't want to become that severe and want to be a healty weight and be fit, healthy and active again.

I have no idea what I can or can't eat, how much exercise somone needs with my condition, to effectivly loose weight.

Its just taking its toll , and I want to start living my life again as a normal teenager!

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Hi emily,
I am new here and age 52 but I can relate to what you are going through. I think I have been hypo since a kid as well and how frustrating it was. As I read your post I was thinking of your symptoms and realized I could have been writing it. I am glad to hear you have been diagnosed but if it were me I'd be more proactive, to wait 6 months to be told it's the same and to wait another 6? NOT! Make an appt for 3 months and insist on another blood test, if he upped your meds you should see some difference by that time. Make a stink, do whatever it is you have to do! Do NOT live your life this way, drudging through it instead of really living it.
good luck

Is this good advice?

Sorry to hear of your situation. I was a skinnny kid until puberty, when I literally exploded in weight. I went from 85 pounds to 140 pounds in less than a year at age 14. After each pregnancy I would keep the extra pounds no matter what I did. Now I have a great dr, who has performed a panel of hormone tests on me and I am getting those regulated thru vitamin supplementation and have lost 20 pounds in the last 6 months. My thyroid is still a little under active and I am considering medication for that, but had hoped to deal with it naturally. I didn't realize how much each hormone affects the others and if one is out of balance they are all thrown off. I hope you can get a full hormone panel and get some results.

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