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Adult Growth Hormone & low Vitamin D

From: mlt - 8 years 39 weeks ago

I have had consistently a low IGF-1 & IGF-3 (38-40 normal is 70-130). Insurance co. says I need stimulation test but they are not using arginine any more. I just had a glucagon Injection stress test to see what the GH levels are. I also have a very low vitamin d of 10 (normal is higher than 30.
I have had so many symptoms of pain, lethargy, depression or several years.
14 mo. ago I had a partial thyroidectomy for a 2cm nodule that had incidental papillary carcinoma. So I also take levothyroxine 137mcg.
It just seems every time I turn around there is something else. I want to start the growth hormone to see if anything changes. I am also obese by 50 lbs and I understand that both growth hormone and vitamin d can cause and also can be the problems for these deficiencies.
What to do?

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Did you know that very often a Vit D deficiency, along with a calcium level in the 10 range can signal parathyroid "difficulties". There is a good chance the surgeon may have accidentally damaged one of your parathyroids, or that you have a growth (adenoma). I truly hope you will research high calcium and the parathyroid website. You will get a great education on your thyroid as well! YOU WILL LEARN THAT VITAMIN D'S ONLY FUNCTION IS TO AID CALCIUM's ABSORPTION INTO THE BOWELS! YOU WILL ALSO LEARN ABOUT PTH AND IT'S RELATIONSHIP WITH VITAMIN D AND CALCIUM. Would like to know what you think?

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