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face sunk in

From: jonestra - 11 years 33 weeks ago

I had left side of thyroid removed about year and half ago before they remeoved it my face on the same side just sunk in it has no muscle tone at all i have never been put on meds even though i have every symptom lised for signs of hypothyroidism my bllod work is always normal i just had it taken again i should get the results next week has anyone else had face problems like this i am also so bloated after i eat or drink anything that it makes me very uncomfortable any suggestions i am told my face is not from my thyroid butthey cannot tell me why it did this

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You said that you had your left side of your thyroid removed. Did you have cancer? Were you diagnose with Graves disease? If so then Graves disease affects you heart rate. Maybe you had a stroke and need a heart specialist, however after a surgery like the one you had it is not uncommon to be thrown into hypothyroidism. Do you have an endocrinologist or a MD? If you do have an endo man maybe you need to get a second opinon at a teaching hospital where they are more likly to have more updated info.

The important thing is don't panic. You have evidently lived with this for a while. I have had Graves diease and now suffer from Hypothroidism myself and in the 15 years of my own research I have not heard of this problem with your face unless it is related to another disease or stroke.

There is something missing in your story. I hope you find your answer. Good Luck.