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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Some Strange Symptoms when I ran out levoxyl

From: redcanoe - 9 years 8 weeks ago

I know it was stupid and stubborn but I was extremely aggravated with my doctor, I ran out of levoxyl (actually the generic) anyway he would not renew prescription until I saw him, I refused to see him for reasons of my own. So the rub is I ran out. My insurance coverage was changing so I waited till it did before I got a new doctor.

So for several months I started experiencing the fatigue that I had before, but at the same time I had some other symptoms that I do not recall. I am a pretty technical person, actually pretty smart. But one of the strange symptoms was that I was able to design all kinds of things, one that I kept designing in my head was a boy scout trailer. I know strange, I have always been able do this in my head, when you see the computer 3d projections on tv, I can do that in my head, I have always been able to. But normally I have to close my eyes and concentrate. With the low thyroid from lack of meds I was doing in my head, with my eyes open , while driving, in meetings whereever. Not only that I was doing it at speeds that I have never experienced before. I know it may not seem intricate to the casual observer but a fully loaded and outfitted scout trailer is quite amazing.

The other piece is that I could not stop thinking up Poems, it was really quite amazing. Now that I am back on the meds, I can still design and poems come to mind, but they take effort and the process is achingly slow.

so basically wtf, I guess the thyroid has more implications than I had thought.

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Is this good advice?

Oh God yes! When you think about the function of your thyroid it controls almost every ascept of your body. Just try to get a Heart specialist to work with an endo man and then try to get both of them to work with a nurogolgist. No Can Do!, but they are all related or have related issues with each of these specialized fields.
Chemical in the brain are amazing. Get back on your meds!

Is this good advice?

Hi there,
it sounds very interesting.
You stopped taking levothyroxine and your creativity went up...and now when you started to take levoth_n again it slowed down. How long have you been on this drug? Was it just TSH they wanted to drop?

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