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Find good endocrinologist

From: Lindyloo - 8 years 46 weeks ago

In section on treatment of hypothyroidism, there is the follow statement:

" There is more than one drug, there is more than one lab test, and there is a "just right" doctor for everybody."

My family physician has prescribed synthroid for hypothyroidism - When I go higher than 75 mg, I get headaches, other side effects. But I still don't feel relief from amost all the symptoms listed for hypothyroidism. I'd like to find a GOOD local endocrinologist to discuss this with - but haven't gotten good references for several in my area.

How do you find one who will be open to looking at ways to make you FEEL better, not just have a better test result?
Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi, Lindy
I highly suggest an endocrinologist. That's what they specialize in. Good luck!

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