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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Could these symptoms be thyroid related?

From: jennmommi - 11 years 37 weeks ago

I have had textbook symptoms of Hypothyroidism for 2 and 1/2 years. During that time my hormone levels have been checked 2 times via blood test. Both times they were technically normal, but according to my Dr. could be considered borderline hypothyroid. Because the level was technically so my Dr wanted to take the "wait and see" approach. Lately I have been getting more and more fatigued, my hair is dryer and frizzier, my fingernails are brittle, curve downward, and break easily, I have not lost any weight despite diet and exercise, I have acne, sore throat, painful pulsing sensations in throat, memory loss/fog, and achy joints and muscles.

My Dr wants to diagnose Fibromyalgia, but I think it is related to the Thyroid. I am in the process to find another Dr and get a second opinion, but I wanted to ask here. Am I way off base, or are these symptoms of low Thyroid that I am experiencing? I know health care where I live and throughout my state is not the best but due to insurance and financial constraints I have to find a preferred Dr. in my area. There are no endocrinologists in my area, closest ones are 2+ hours drive and I need a referral which my Dr. did not want to give me. I am scared as I am spiraling farther and farther into worse health. I work full time go to school and have 3 kids, I expect a little fatigue, but I get plenty of sleep and eat healthy and exercise. I should not feel so lousy.

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Hi there. Yep it sounds like Hypothyroidism. I have M.E.N type 1 (Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia). Started with a pituitary adenoma in my mid 20s when my period stopped and I was getting blurred vision, now taking Dostinex. Then I found a lump in my throat which was a goitre in my thyroid. They then found high calcium levels and another lump in two of my parathyroid glands in my 30s, so I had surgery to remove half my thyroid, parathyroid and thymus glands. Over time I too was feeling like you and tests were coming back borderline on my TSH. They finally put me on Eutroxsig 50mg and I started to feel a little better but I still didn't feel great so I TOLD my Dr that I wanted to go to another Endo Dr. (It is your right to go and see a specialist, that's what they are there for). So yesterday I went to a different Endo Dr. and he said that my levels have been low for a long time and put me on 100mg as he believes I haven't been on enough. This is where I have difficulty, what is borderline????? and obviously it is a different level to different Doctors. My symptoms were the same - fatigue, dryer hair and loss, not able to keep my weight stable, achy joints and muscles. These are all hypothyroid symptoms and you need to tell your Doctor you want a referral to a specialist. Over the years of going through all these different hurdles in my health, I've learnt to be strong, if you don't look after yourself then no-one else will. You know your body and if you're not well.

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Dear Jennmommi,
If your doctor wants to diagnose you with Fibromyalgia he has, in a way, diagnose you wih and autoimmune disease or Endocrine disease. These diseases are associated with a slightly increased chance of developing autoimmune thyroid disease. You need an endocrinologist
and you need to buy books by Mary J Shomon. Living well with hypothyroidsim. That is where I got the asscoiated disease list.

It took me 10 years to get a thyroid diagnosis and I too was living under pressure of being a single mom with 3 kids . Get to a specialist. Even if you have to pay. Remember you have kids that need you well. And don't get crazy over the Doctor being 2 hours away. I live in Rural Maine and finding an endo man is like finding a needle in a haysack. I found a good one though and it is worth the trip. I go once a year and he sends me orders in the mail to go get my blood work done and they send him the results and he adjust medicaions. Beleive me it can be done.