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just got the word

From: heidi - 11 years 40 weeks ago

i have been treated for type 2 diab. and hyperthyroidism for a year but now my blood work just came back with a vitamin d leval of less than 30. What does this mean as i take a multie vitamin and live in southern florida part time-every 2 months. what is a normal leval

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Here are some articles written by David Mendosa about vitamin D. He also has his own website. When first diagnosed I spent a lot of time reading his website. Hope this answers your questions.

Good luck

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You should immediately go to a gastroenterologist and get tested for Celiac Disease. Recent research shows an extremely high level of correlation between them and Celiac, which is an autoimmune response in your gut to gluten - the protein in wheat. Low vitamin D (and calcium for that matter) are a symptom of celiac as a result of damage being caused to the intestine. If you do have it, all you need to do is change your diet improve. In the meantime, supplement. I take caltrate chewables which work well..

Good luck.

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Heidi: More & more doctors are including Vitamin D testing in their patient exams.Both my husband and myself have low counts, under 30. My GP stated most people in U.S. are manifesting low levels. I live in California, so adequate sunshine doesn't appear to be enough, it seems. We both take daily supplements of 'D' to help keep it to normal. Any health food store carries the amber colored gel tabs. Being deficient causes my pain levels to get out of hand in a hurry ! (I'm a chronic pain patient). Seeing a Gastroenterologist is a very good idea. I, too, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, partly due to low D, and other factors. There's some helpful ideas on this forum. Good reading.