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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Diagnosed With Hypothyriodism-Some Symptoms not adding up

From: Khegedus09 - 11 years 50 weeks ago

Okay so i am 20 years old my doc. diagnosed me with hypothriodism i have all the symptoms except for one, i am not over weight and i dont sruggle to lose weight. I used to weigh 115 lbs. at 5'6. I had a miscarriage about a year ago, ever since i cant keep weight. I wegh now 100 lbs. Soakin wet if i am lucky. I have gone several times to my doc. and i have several more times to see her. but what i dont understand is i am losing weight and she really doesn't care. she gave me a prescription for my headaches, and it helps most of the times but if she knows i have a thriod issue why isnt she prescribing something for that? also i am trying to get pregnant and i am on fertility drugs for that i just started those 2 days ago and i am worried that something could harm me or my baby. i know there are drugs available for hypothriodism during pregnancy but its basicly the same drugs for tyriod replacement, willi have to continue taking them after i have a child? i just feel like my doc. really doesn't care and i dont know what to do. Any Comments? All Will help Being no one else knows what i am going through except my husband.

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I wish I could be of help but I'm in the same position as you. I've went down to 89 lbs I'm just a bit shorter. I am trying to find out the same thing Why am I losing weight??? They tried to give me an anti depressant. I unfortunately have no dependents, I can't be anyone elses, and have no insurance, Thats wonderful your husband is understanding, we broke up from me being uncomfortable with being so skinny around him, decreased libido, moodiness. maybe i am but i feel it definetely took part.

Is this good advice?

Since you are 20 and headaches, weight and infertility are an issue (anything else you did not mention!) I would recommend looking into your parathyroid. This is the most misdiagnosed illness with doctors AND endocrinologists, too! Please look up parathyroid info and you will get an education on IT AND YOUR THYROID! Check to see if you have a high calcium (web search)
level because this can have a direct correlation to your headaches. I would also see if you are low on vitamin D.