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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

I'm a 34 year old male. I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem last summer. I slacked on taking my medication for quite a while until I realized this could be affecting my ability to get my wife pregnant. First, is that accurate? Can it affect my sperm count? I've have been religiously taking my meds for two months straight. I just got blood drawn and my TSH level is at 6.38. It went up from 4.89 from August of 2008. My doctor just changed my meds from 75 mcg levothyroxine to 100 mcg levothyroxine. I'm hoping this will get me regulated. Anyone have any info to share on how long it might take to get regulated and can it have a positive impact for us to get pregnant? I'm just hoping it won't take another 100 days before we can get pregnant. Any advice would be appreciated!

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