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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

are hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia related ?

From: Bharathi - 9 years 25 weeks ago

Hello everyone, Good afternoon :) One of my sisters is having hypothyroidism and she is taking the eltroxin twice a day. Usually docs prescribe to take only once but b'case her body was not able to be okay with once a day..some docs prescribed she can take twice..but it seems its very rare.

but what's happening is..she is still having so many hypothyroidism symptoms although taking tablets and in addition,every couple of hrs..she suddenly feels she goes in hypoglycemic that time..she immediately needs to eat something else..she feels week very very week and has body pains. Once she takes some fruitts/sweet..immediately she feels better and after couple of hrs..this continues. it seems..that no doctor is able to understand it. I feel sad listening to my sister condition and starte dto see the web and writing u all.

Since, she needs to eat often(she is increasing in weight a lot). also, its not a desire to eat but had to eat to maintain some energy. Doctors also are unable to diagnose this at all. also, someone told that this thyroid probably is unable to make the liver/gallbladder function properly which are responsible in converting food/fat to energy. but the problem is: whenever we try to mention these, the doctor asks for thyroid tests and since the thyroid tests come normal..the doctors unable to do anything.

is there any test possible in relation to thyroid test for checking the metabolism of the body ? many doctors agree that thyroid is very important for all bodily functions but again say that teh dosage of tables is okay since thyroid tests come normal. they say..they don't understand..etc etc..Its understandble..what can doctors do if the tests come normal.

anyone in this kind of situation ro any help from any other doctors there..if they have come similar situation? Thansk very much in advance.

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I too, have hypothyroidism, and have for many years. It is genetic and runs in my family. My daughter displayed the symptoms since she was little and so, I had her tested and often, always with the same results, normal thyroid. She wasn't normal so I persisted eventually she went to a Dr that found that not only did she have thyroid issues but Hashimoto's Syndrome, a problem that didn't test for years. The Dr has to specifically run a thyroid panel and include all thyroid tests. She is now taking synthetic thyroid and is feeling much better but has to test often and is a starving student so she can't afford often enough. Stay on top and don't take no for an answer. Good luck. I live in the cenral valley of CA and the Dr who diagnosed is Mya Ricci.

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I'm hypothroid & feel hypoglycemic as well though it doesn't show on the blood test. I craved sweets & sugar but when I replaced it with non sugary foods every 2-3 hours. I found my exhaustion & concentration improved... Just a thought. Too much sugar does cause weight gain. I'm not saying never eat sugar. Just not all the time or too much. Try to replace the sweets/fruit with a vegetable or handful nuts or maybe a leafy salad or protein or humous. Something healthy & without sugar. Makes a big difference. It was only on a suggestion of a friend to limit sugar & to eat a little something non-sweet every 2 hours did I find myself improving. Before I would crave & eat sugary things. Be ok but soon after I felt just awful, fatigued & just wanted to collapse.

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From what I have read and experienced personally there is definitely a connection between hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia. After getting thyroid treatment with natural desiccated medicine (synthetics apparently don't work for everyone), I found I needed to totally change my diet as well. This meant removing almost all simple carbs, switching to a high fat/protein diet and eating every hour or two. Here is my very true story about solving my hypothyroidism, with some good before and after photos so you can see how medicine and diet helped me:


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