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EndocrineWeb Community Advice
Posted in: Hypothyroidism.


From: becklynne - 12 years 3 weeks ago

I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I haven't started medication yet. I feel like my body is in total turmoil. I hurt constantly; having a month long period; feel lifeless all the time. I am also perimenopausal and I realize some symptoms are related. Is there hope to feel better after medication is started?

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Please don't fully accept your hypothyroidism diagnosis until you have investigated hyperparathyroidism. You can look up parathyroid and get really informed by a leading Tampa expert! Good luck!

Is this good advice?

Hope is always possible. I was diagnosed a week ago and was put on hormone replacement, but doesn't seem to be working. I am a firm believer in complete healing when we accept Jesus Christ into our lives. However, sometimes God allows certain things to come about, not that he's a mean and cruel God, but he doesn't allow anything to come on us that He thinks we couldn't handle. We are still alive for a reason and a purpose. In the midst of our struggles and frustrations and fears, we are to thank God anyway for the things we can do and have now because of Him.

I realized on Sunday in church, that even though my faith calls me to believe in a God that heals and restores health completely, God is teaching me to be grateful because he knows I've been taking things for granted. He gently reminded me that I can still have peace and joy in the middle of my trials and storms. This is scary for me as it would be for anyone but I noticed I have more peace and comfort NOW than when I went about my business.

Everything happens for a reason. Give God the benefit of the doubt and consider this time he's calling his little girl to Him to experience peace in the scary storm. I will remember to include you in my daily prayers. God bless.