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Feel terrible all the time

From: molly1429 - 9 years 15 weeks ago

I was diagnosed ith Hashimotos and Hypothyroid about a year ago. It went undiagnosed for 2 years before anyone bothered to test my thyroid. I have been on Synthroid and still feel qwful. I have cramps in my hands and feet, my hair is falling out, I am so tired I fall asleep sitting on the sofa watching TV. I have no interest in doing anything physical. When does this go away? I want to feel myself again. I just feel like crap constantly. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and wondered if anyone has a good endocinologist. I would like to get a second opinion.

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I feel the same way. would love to get some answers or advice from someone.

Is this good advice?

I go to a new dr Wednesday I will post more. I am getting a second opinion. I will not let any Dr. tell me that I am normal when I do not feel it. I know something more can be done.

Is this good advice?

Well I got my 2nd opinion. This Dr. tells me I am tired because I could have sleep apnea. That me being tired has nothing to do with my thyroid. She said the cramping in my hands, racing heart, and water rention doesn't have anything to do with my thyroid. So now do I get teh sleep study done? I would just like someone to listen to me.

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