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chest pain and low thyroid levels?

From: jokeyjodi1963 - 9 years 33 weeks ago

I went to the doctor 7-22 and found out that I had a heart attack. Today I found out I have low thyroid levels. I start taking synthroid tomorrow. I am having such pain in my chest, how will I know if I am having adverse reactions from the synthroid?

I am on the lowest dose to start off with. I have this chest pain so frequently I don't know when to go to the hospital, call my doctor, or ignore it.

Any suggestions?

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I AM NOT A DOCTOR, but I can tell you that, as a chronic pain patient with hypothyroidism and now, type I diabetes (at 50!) I've learned from my pain specialist that the thyroid out of balance either way affects your level of pain. You have heart issues, and I know that the thyroid can also affect that. It's great that they found the deficiency. I know a couple of other sites that deal with hypothyroid and pain issues. (I have to dig them out.) In the meantime, good luck. You will notice a difference within a couple of weeks if you are on the right dose of synthroid. Fear not! There are many people out there that you can learn from, just as I do every chance I get. Linda-brokenhead (literally.)

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