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Posted in: Hypothyroidism.

Help so frustrated

From: snoblymom - 5 years 11 hours ago

Hi everyone,I need some guidence here I had TT last year and was taking synthroid untill Sept.I switched Dr. and I told her I wanted to try Armour.I started out on 60 mg started having increased symptoms extreme fatigue and more anxiety.These are labs after switching FT4 0.48 L FT3 2.33 L TSH 13.400 H. Dr then upped to 60 in am 30 in pm.My ? is why increased anxiety? The benifit I've seen since switching to Armour headaches have lessend.Ive been on increased dose for 3 weeks fatigue some better but still have major anxiety ,how soon should I feel better? and what is best dosege?Please help!!

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