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Bad test results last week, good ones this week?

From: thedryer - 8 years 34 weeks ago

Hi---I had my thyroid tested as week as routine blood work for surgery. Came back at 5.26 and both doctors that I am under the care of contacted me to point it out.

I had my thyroid retested (order was for TSH with reflex to free T4) and the results this time came back as 3.81.

There was only 7 days in between tests. Of course I freaked out thinking something was wrong when both doctors reached out to me when they got the results. I have no symptoms of thyroid problems as far as all the lists I read online and never had a bad reading in the past.

I'm happy the 2nd one came back with good results but I am still paranoid about the first results.

I'm 37 and female if that matters. Currently in a medically supervised diet and lost 100lbs since the summer.

Any ideas?

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You know, I always had perfect thyroid test results, all my life - I am 58 now - and yet one day I found a lump above my clavicle and it was metastisized papillary cancer. Have you noticed any swellings, not just in your neck area, but other places as well? Have you had trouble swallowing? I am on Synthroid now and I make them test me every 4 weeks instead of 8 weeks because my numbers go up and down so quickly....I also am freaked out because no one can give me answers nor can they seem to stabilize my meds. I would look into your weight loss. Also know that results vary from lab to lab, as to positives and negatives.