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Posted in: Hypoglycemia, and Hypothyroidism.

hypoglycemia and hypothyroid?

From: wtgullett - 8 years 14 weeks ago

Does anyone know if there is a link between hypoglycemia and hypothyroidism? I have been hypoglycemic for many years and recently it has gotten worse.Sometimes I felt so disoriented and weak that I wondered if there was more going on. I was also having heart palpitations. My doctor ordered a blood test to check on my thyroid levels. Turns out that I am hypothyroid. My TSH level was 10.7. I have been on 75 mcg of Synthroid for 6 weeks and just went back to do another blood test and now my TSH level is .17. I guess it takes time to find the proper dosage. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

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Hello, I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism since 1993, on Synthroid (or the generic/cheaper Levothyroxine) - .1 mcg (I think that's the dosage...I always forget). My grandfather had Hypothyroidism and was on Synthroid, also. He was also diabetic and on a controlled diet. He tested my blood sugar levels at different times when I would visit his home and found them to be at 45 and 46 on different occasions. Low enough to cause me to feel extremely weak, tired, lethargic, excruciatingly hungry, the beginnings of migraines if I didn't eat immediately, and very very cranky/irritable. He told me that if his blood sugar level dropped below 80 he could go into a diabetic coma, so he didn't understand how I could still be on my feet.

I had a blood glucose tolerance test at a prestigious doctor's office (his endocrinologist's partner in practice) and the test was found to be "inconclusive". What I have learned since then is that "inconclusive" does not mean "negative." I did a 12-hour fast before going into the office to take the test, and during the 5 hours I was there (they drew my blood each hour on the hour): I had all of the extreme symptoms of hypoglycemia such as the migraines, extreme irritability, etc., but they never asked me any of this or noted my symptoms.

The reason I write all of this is to let you know that you can go to a prestigious endocrinologist who specializes in endocrinology (i.e. thyroid disfunctions) and have them totally miss anything else except diagnosing the hypothyroidism.

Because there is such a "pooh-pooh" idea among "professional doctors" against the idea of hypoglycemia being a real condition, many will not take a patient seriously who has/complains about having the classic symptoms of this condition.

I have been to many doctors and still have not been able to get help for the hypoglycemia, which I have all of the painful and very real daily symptoms of. I have had to try to treat it myself, carrying snacks with me constantly, staying away from too much sugar (I still have some, but try to keep it on the lower rather than higher end), get enough sleep at night, etc.

There is a test that some doctors will actually administer for the hypoglycemia but they will actually take the blood sample and note the accompanying reactive fasting symptoms (which are critical). I think it may be called "reactive hypoglycemia" but I really don't know...I'm pulling this out of my hat....

I have also been diagnosed with clinical/major depression, since 1992, and have had to take Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI's...a class of anti-depressant medication) since then. I honestly believe the clinical depression, hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia are all biologically and genetically linked. My family members on both my maternal and paternal sides have had depression, diabetes, and hypothyroidism (which I have unfortunately had passed on to me, oh, joy...).

I also struggle with allergies and asthma. I have also had problems with my monthly feminine hormones - about 10 days or so before the monthly cycle. As I stated, I believe everything is linked, especially since everything seems to stem from the chemicals in my body and they are all inter-related. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with this.

I've found very helpful information on the internet and in books at Borders and Barnes & Noble as well as the local libraries on topics such as: Hypoglycemia, Hypothyroidism, Depression, Allergies, Asthma, etc.

Between doing my own research on the net and reading, I truly there is a strong link between each of these conditions. You may or may not have any of the other conditions which I have listed (but I wanted to touch on those just in case you might). Medication, Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, etc., are very important keys to managing your symptoms and medical condition(s).

I hope this is helpful. I didn't wish to write only about me, but if you can know my history/symptoms, this may be of help to you. It's been a long lonely road for me and I hope this information may be of some use to you and helping you get a handle on what you are suffering. It is real. Hang in there. It will get better. :)

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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I really feel for you and your situation. I think if you continue to research your situation on the internet and read as much as you can get your hands on and try some of the differing things suggested there (like nutritional supplements, sleep, exercise programs, etc.), it will be very helpful for you.

You may also really want to get a glucose tolerance test which will test or monitor your blood sugar levels as well as symptoms every 1/2 hour (I don't know if they draw the blood that often, but I think there is one where they do). Forgive my writing too much, I hope just to be helpful. You have to actually request this from the doctor. No doctor I know of has ever suggested it. But, do some research on this before going ahead and taking my unprofessional advice. I haven't had this test done because I'm scared to death of needles, and the last time I had the 5-hour glucose test done they drew my blood each hour and by the 3rd hour my skin had become so sensitive to the stick that I literally cried out in agony. If I could have physically tolerated it, I would have had this test done, hands down.

I know how it feels to feel hopeless and stuck with the daily physical stuff and not know what to do about it and not get any help after going to multiple doctors.

Find a good one you can trust, one who is actually interested in helping you get better (not just seeing patient number "x" on the roster for that day and getting it done and over with before they zip out the door to patient number "y"), and doesn't just try to remember your name right before they walk in the door of the treatment room with your file in hand which the nurse just passed to them.

Good luck. :)

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I am 54 and have been on Synthroid and Levothyroxin for 42 years . My thyroid quit working when I was 6 years old and I wasn't diagnosed until I was 12. I spent a week on a research ward at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tn. I have been blessed with 4 healthy children and extremely good health , other than the thyroid issue. I have recently been having some of the same issues that you all have expressed except the hypoglycemia . My last check up , that issue came up and I am waiting for my lab results to come in . It is good to have a place to be and find out that I am not " just getting older or it's all in my head " .... Good luck to all :)

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I don't know if there is a link between the two. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when I was 19. I probably had it longer than that, but my mother never listened to my complaints. The only way she took me to the doctor is if I an extremely high fever... I started having an elevated 2006, then it was even higher in 2009, then it went up to 17.53 in 2012.

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i am 27 year old and my TSH level is 6.2 i just want to know is it create any problem to conceive? bec 15 months have been passed of my marriage i didnt conceive yet now so upset please answer?

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I'm 27 as well with a TSH level of 6.5 (before medication). I wasn't diagnosed and treated with Synthroid until I was about 4 months pregnant. You and your partner might want to consider seeing a fertility specialist.

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Hello, I found some information that is very useful, and, depending on which thyroid meds you use, depends where you will find manufacturer warnings about specific things. Levothyroxine and other thyroid mes usually improve hypoglycemia, I was hypoglycemic before starting levo, after a year I usually don't drop below 4.4 mmol/l (canadian measures) However, If I take my levothyroxine synthroid before bed, my sugars are normal in the mornings for fasting. between 5.0 and 5.8 mmol/l . If I take synthroid between 4 am and 9 am my sugars spike during fasting 6.0 to 6.8 mmol/l which is considered diabetic. You can read more here.

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I made an account just so I could respond to this. I absolutely, 100% agree with you on all of these things being linked. I have had anxiety/depression issues for over a decade now but it wasn't until very recently that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It's funny, for years now I've been complaining of the same set of symptoms which would improve slightly on SSRIs but never completely dissipate. In the middle of those two diagnosis was me discovering my hypoglycemia, the immense amount of allergies I have, as well as not full-blown asthma but occasional breathing problems. It sounds bad but additionally I have scoliosis but that's unrelated I'm sure. When I type this all out, I really wonder if I should procreate!

The only thing I wonder - have you ever had digestive issues? Prior to my hypothyroidism being discovered, for years I've been plagued by IBS. Random bouts of constipation and diarrhea... I'm still adjusting to the levothyroxine (and holy crap, not only do I love that the two periods I've had since then have been way shorter and lighter but my terrible acne is finally clearing up!), though I'm wondering if it will help me with my tummy issues. It hasn't been long enough for me to truly notice an improvement on that.

It's crazy though, reading your post. So many similarities. I truly believe you are on to something.

EDIT: Wow! I just realized how long ago this thread was written. So sorry for bumping up this super old thread. I just got excited when it felt like I was reading someone writing my exact situation.

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Seamay, (I'm also aware this is a very old post!) How were your symptoms once you adjusted to the Levothyroxine? X

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